Founded in 1936, VIOBIN U.S.A. continues to be a leader in the manufacture of nutritional extracts. We maintain the highest standard achievable in our manufacturing processes. Our raw material suppliers respect our demand for top quality material – ensuring your family receives the highest quality product available. There is a very good chance that you already use a product of VIOBIN in some form. Our wheat germ oil is a common constituent in many premium cosmetic and hair care products, nutritional bars, nutritional supplements for animals, as well as a supplement for humans. Our Defatted Wheat Germ can be found in many popular cereals, snacks, granola bars, and dozens of popular crackers.
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Viobin will operate as a PHM Brands Company

Panhandle Milling, LLC has announced the purchase of Viobin, LLC effective April 25, 2018.  Viobin will operate as a PHM Brands Company.  An industry pioneer since 1936, Viobin has remained the leader in the manufacturing of defatted wheat germ and specialty oils. 
“We are excited to be adding the trusted name of Viobin to the PHM Brands family of companies.  Viobin brings its 76-year history and commitment to nutrition, quality and health food and feed products.  This acquisition positions PHM Brands to be a nationwide supplier in the rapidly growing specialty grain and oil markets.” stated Peter Bisaccia, President & CEO.
About PHM Brands, LLC.
PHM Brands, LLC is a vertically integrated food manufacturer who offers a comprehensive range of agricultural based specialty ingredients and blended products in 5 locations throughout the United States. PHM Brands, LLC is headquartered in Denver, CO and is a family of companies that include Panhandle Milling, New Mexico Milling, Specialty Grains, Specialty Blends, Specialty Feeds and Viobin.
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A PHM Brands Company
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